Teen Mom 2 Decisions: Will Chelsea Change Aubree's Visits With Adam?

During tonight's episode, the young father failed a drug test

Chelsea's ex Adam may not be seen on Teen Mom 2 any longer, but the longtime issues surrounding Aubree's father continue to loom large. The first point of contention during tonight's episode: Adam's request to lower child support payments for Aubree and his other daughter Paislee (with ex Taylor).

"They want Taylor and I to be the same day, back to back," Chelsea told her dad Randy about the imminent mediation hearing, while explaining that Adam is now required to take a drug test prior to any visits with Paislee.

"If he fails a drug test, it automatically goes to supervised visits," Chelsea added.

The hearing was eventually canceled, and Adam filed a petition to dismiss the case (Taylor told Chelsea he probably didn't move forward because he "knew it wasn't going to go the way he wanted it to").

But that wasn't the only development regarding Adam -- a topic Chelsea alluded to earlier in the installment surfaced again when he tested positive for methamphetamines and amphetamines.

"You don’t just do meth and get off of it," Chelsea told her producer Mandi. "You get hooked. And the fact that he was still doing it knowing that he had to take a drug test every other week, it means that he probably has a problem."

Mandi inquired if Chelsea would try to move Aubree to a visitation center, but the mother of two was unsure.

"I don't even know if the judge would do that because they don't like to send kids there," Chelsea stated, while Mandi chimed in that they would probably rather grandparents be present at these types of scenarios. "It's just crazy -- I wish she didn't have a drug addict for a father, obviously."

How will Chelsea overcome this latest development with Adam -- and will Aubree's visitation change? Be sure to watch Teen Mom 2 every Monday at 9/8c.