Sorry (Not Sorry): Should Siesta Key's Chloe Forgive Amanda?

Trouble in paradise is brewing for these (former) friends

Finding peace after a major fallout with a friend can require a little forgiveness — even if said friend didn't exactly apologize. (Cue that iconic Lauren Conrad line: "I want to forgive you, and I want to forget you.")

We learned on tonight's Siesta Key that things escalated rather quickly — we're talking quite the cat fight in the back of an Uber — after Chloe and Amanda left Alex's birthday bash. While Amanda maintains that Chloe shoved her first after mouthing off about Brandon, Chloe contends that Amanda unnecessarily clocked her, busting her nose in two places. Aside from the fact that Amanda was breaking girl code by talking to Brandon behind her back — Chloe clearly stated her low-key interest in the budding musician early on — she seems to have very little remorse over socking her (former) BFF. The sassy blonde didn't even bother to check on her injured friend; instead, she was off winning first place in a bikini contest while Chloe was undergoing surgery.

On the flip side, Chloe is fully aware she isn't Miss Innocent. The bartender admitted to both Alex and his cousin Pauly that her mouth often gets her into trouble. Nevertheless, Alex pressured Chloe to come to Brandon's party and face Amanda once and for all.

"The more you drag it on, it's like weight on your back," Alex said. "You're better off forgiving -- just forgive her for what she did and just move the f**k on."

This resulted in a string of loud expletives from Chloe, who wasn't exactly in a partying mood.

Do you blame Chloe for wanting to steer clear of Brandon's bash just days after she got decked? And should she forgive Amanda, and "move the f**k on"? Sound off with your thoughts and tune in to a new episode on Monday at 10/9c.

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