How Leah And Jeremy Have Made Teen Mom 2 Strides

Adalynn's parents had a heart-to-heart during this week's episode

Leah and Jeremy may have had a rocky time keeping a positive rapport following their difficult separation and divorce -- but during this week's Teen Mom 2 episode, Adalynn's parents appeared to turn over a new leaf.

Following a quick FaceTime session with the couple's daughter, Jeremy told Leah about a big change in his life: He was no longer with his fiancée Brooke.

"Well, I came home to all my s**t just being everywhere," the young dad explained to his surprised ex. "She just, like, lost her s**t. So I don't know." But that wasn't all: Brooke went through his phone records and discovered a long conversation between him and Leah.

While Leah was empathetic to his feelings, she stressed that he needed to "move on" and it might be in his best interest to be single for the time being. And then the new college student gave him some thoughtful and useful advice.

"If you're in a healthy and happy place, then Addy is going to be, and that's what you should think about," she continued.

This conversation was an improvement from when Jeremy disclosed he was going to say "I do" to Brooke and demonstrates that the pair is moving in the right direction toward being more open and honest -- which is in the best interest of their child. But can this trend continue? Be sure to keep watching Leah and Jeremy on Teen Mom 2 every Monday at 9/8c.