Selena Gomez Literally Eats Soap For Her Second 'Fetish' Video

Nom nom nom

One "Fetish" video wasn't enough for Selena Gomez. Her second set of visuals — directed by Petra Collins, who also helmed "Bad Liar" — arrived Wednesday (July 26), and it doesn't disappoint.

Gucci Mane finally makes an appearance, but the spotlight is still on Sel's tongue — just as it was in the first clip. But this time around, she's putting all sorts of weird things into her mouth. Instead of putting away her groceries like a responsible adult, she tortures her tongue by tying rope around it and clamping an eyelash curler to it. Ouch.

Then she picks up a bar of soap and takes a hearty bite. As a Snickers commercial would say, you're not you when you're hungry.

In between close-ups of her teeth, she's writhing on the kitchen floor or staring directly at the sun. Didn't anyone tell her that's bad for your eyes? Someone get this girl some sunglasses and a candy bar, stat.