Teen Mom 2 Duo: How Would Briana Describe Nova's Relationship With Devoin?

The little girl spent some time with her dad during this week's episode

Briana's troubled relationship with her baby daddy Devoin was a monumental part of her Teen Mom 3 story. Fast-forward five years: The young father -- who viewers last saw at the TM3 reunion engaged in a heated battle with Bri and her sister Brittany -- returned during this week's Teen Mom 2 episode to spend some QT with his little girl (after the MTV munchkin and Britt waited six hours for him to show). So how would Briana describe her mini-me's bond with her other parent?

"For the little time that he has been around in her life, she loves him so much," Briana recently revealed to MTV News. "It’s so hard for me to even argue with him or say anything bad about him because I don’t want to give her the wrong idea of him. I want her to figure it out. And as of right now, she sees no wrong in him – then I can’t see no wrong in him either."

And even though Nova doesn't see her father "often," what type of activities do they do together?

"She makes him dress up in tutus and paints his nails -- she always likes to play with him like he’s a big baby," Bri explained with a laugh.

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