Will CT Defend His Challenge Title And Claim Dad Bod Victory?

The ‘Invasion’ winner arrived to the newest game late -- but still made quite a splash

As 13-year Challenge veteran CT approached the “Dirty Thirty” house (late, as he’d been detained at customs for issues with his passport), he could only observe one thing as he set forth to compete in his 13th game: “Think some customs agents are gonna stop me? I’m the reigning champ, better get used to it.”

But will his fellow competitors heed the admonition?

On tonight’s episode of The Challenge: XXX, the most recent victor — who beat out Nelson and Cory to take the grand prize on Invasion of the Champions — surveyed his new house and immediately sent shockwaves through the newest cast lineup. Old and new players alike recognized that CT’s delayed introduction erected a huge mountain between the rest of the men and a first-place finish.

“CT walks in the house, and as much as I like the guy personally, he’s always gonna give you a run for your money,” Jordan said.

“He’s one of those guys that is a legit game-changer,” Bananas echoed. “Him coming back into the game is basically gonna turn the entire house upside-down. And empty the refrigerator.”

And when CT got word that the rookies felt confident in their place in the game — and relished Darrell’s shock elimination in the Purge — he challenged them to step up and put their money where their mouths were.

“You want a shot at the title? Come get it,” he warned. “That’s why I’m here.”

And in "Cool Under Fire," CT proved he still had fight in him. The game — which challenged players to remain seated on an extremely narrow bench that slowly rotated toward the water — seemed designed to knock players who were as big as CT (dad bod alert!) off balance. Still, when the dust cleared, CT found himself in the winners’ circle and immediately proved he’d come to play, even when the game was very clearly not designed to favor him.

“You know what’s funny is that people are sleeping on me already,” he said. “'I don’t understand how you sat out there for so long!’ It’s like, all I’ve been doing is sitting on my fat ass!”

Still, jokes aside, what do you think: Is CT on track to win yet another Challenge, and do his opponents have reason to be afraid? Or will one of the younger guys come through, and is CT past his prime? Share your thoughts, and see how CT fares on Tuesday at 9/8c!