Relive The Top 10 Teen Wolf Moments (Allison Argent's Demise Included)

A new best-of special is set to air on July 30

If you had to pick your all-time favorite moment from Teen Wolf, could you do it?

In celebration of 100 episodes, Tyler Posey, executive producer Jeff Davis and a bunch of other folks closely aligned with the MTV series were tasked with doing just that in the form of an upcoming MTV special titled, you guessed it, Teen Wolf Top 10 Moments. No, we're not talking about the best scenes from the last season (easy peasy — Stiles rescuing Lydia from Eichen House) -- we're talking the entire series. That's six whole years, y'all.

You'll have to watch on July 30 (right before the season premiere!) to find out which incidents made the cut, but judging from the below sneak, one unforgettable scene surrounding the tragic death of our beloved werewolf hunter Allison Argent is included. (We're choking back tears too, Tyler.)

Catch Teen Wolf Top 10 Moments on Sunday, July 30 at 7:30/6:30c, and tune in to the final episodes of Teen Wolf every Sunday at 8/7c!