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Catfish Spawn: Baby Cleo Stole The Show At Her Parents' Nuptials

Sorry, Nev and Laura!

Nev Schulman and Laura Perlongo may have been the ones to get hitched this past weekend, but their daughter Cleo was the quintessential star at the couple's big day. And the groom's Catfish sidekick Max Joseph perfectly captured the MTV munchkin stealing the show at the East Hampton-based event.

"Best moment from @nevschulman's incredible wedding goes to...CLEO!! #schuperinlove," the silver fox captioned the clip above which features the cute flower girl making her way down the aisle, getting lifted out of her sweet ride by her adoring dad and then perfectly clapping right on cue with all of the adoring guests. THIS KID -- and Nev's humongous grin.

And since Max always has his camera ready, the filmmaker also documented the moment when Nev and Laura were pronounced husband and wife:

Congrats to Nev, Laura and scene-stealer Cleo! Check out more images from the big day below (courtesy of Nev, Laura, Max and Max's wife Pri), and don't miss a brand-new episode of Catfish on Wednesday at 10/9c!

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