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Where Haven't Abbi And Ilana From Broad City Gotten Stoned?

Abbi and Ilana break it down

The ladies of Broad City are certainly not unfamiliar with recreational drug use, on-screen or off. When Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer stopped by to chat with MTV News at San Diego Comic-Con ahead of their fourth season on air, Josh Horowitz decided to find out if anywhere was off-limits to take a toke. (Starting at 11 minutes.)

Both are in agreement that awards shows are a no-no for smoking up.

"No, too much anxiety," Glazer said. "That's unpleasant. That's not chill for me."

But don't expect them to stay holy for all holidays, religious and otherwise — "I didn't even observe Yom Kippur this year or other years, and I was definitely wasted," Glazer said, and Jacobson agreed.

"Our families are not, like, anti-that, so it wouldn't be that crazy," she said.

Amusement parks are totally a go too, for the record. A toss-up: Doctor's offices and funerals, both of which Glazer admitted to while Jacobson abstained.

"I think I have been," Glazer said of being high at a funeral. "Numb the pain, baby."

Broad City Season 4 premieres September 13.