Harmony Gerber / Michael Stewart

Beyoncé Got Her Freak On Backstage At Missy Elliott's FYF Set


To those who were wondering whoooo's that blonde dancing like a fiend during Missy Elliott's headlining set at Fuck Yeah Festival in Los Angeles on July 21: Yup. That was, indeed, Beyoncé.

Bey hit FYF's sidestage with her sister, Solange, and spent most of Missy's set thriving while revisiting some of the MC's biggest hits, like "Get Ur Freak On," "Lose Control," and "Work It."

Elliott's set is a huge event in and of itself — it was her first major performance on American soil in ten years save for her brief cameo in Katy Perry's 2015 Super Bowl halftime performance, Entertainment Weekly notes — but throw in the Knowles sisters and this becomes a summit of legends.

Though she was only visible to those with eagle eyes (and extreme zooming skills courtesy of their smart phones), Elliott couldn't help but shoutout Beyoncé before the night was through with a "Mama, I done made it!" proclamation in between her bars.

Beyoncé's probably taking a breather from music considering the fact that she just gave birth to two beautiful humans and all, but please oh please oh please, universe, give us a Bey/Missy collab. Our hearts swell up at the mere thought of two incredible talents taking that friendship and turning it up a notch with a fierce duet to be reckoned with.