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No Jay-Zs Were Harmed In The Making Of The ‘Kill Jay Z’ Video

Watch the intense visual on Tidal

Jay-Z continues his video series for 4:44 with album opener “Kill Jay Z,” a track he’s said is about “killing off the ego.”

Directed by Gerard Bush and Christopher Renz, the black-and-white visual shows a young boy frantically running while wearing a shirt with the words “STAY BLACK” emblazoned on it. The next scene cuts to a man lying on his back in the desert, and then swimming amid crashing waves. Eventually, it circles back to the original boy running, with the video fading to black just as he topples sideways. All in all, there’s a lot of intensity packed into these two short minutes.

The full video is available exclusively for Tidal members, but don’t worry — all of Jay’s other 4:44 visuals have hit YouTube about a week after their Tidal premieres (see: today's YouTube release of "Bam"). Stay patient and check out the snippet below.