American Horror Story Announces Season 7 Title With Killer Bees And Clowns

This is fine

Ryan Murphy has finally revealed what the next season of American Horror Story will be called — and it's just creepy and evocative enough to send a chill down your spine without giving too much away.

On July 20, Murphy — who had just announced a major addition to his cast — took to Twitter to cross out a bunch of guesses that were popular with speculating fans for the seasons's title. Bees were on the brain of AHS fans, so Murphy eliminated any option that could be associated with nature's pollinating champions right off the bat.

And, finally, given that the theme of the season is anchored on politics and inspired by the last presidential election, he threw out a topical and terrifying non-option, too.

The winner? Get ready for American Horror Story: Cult, which should be coming our way this fall. FX posted a brief teaser for the season, which features a frightening display of clowns participating in some creepy visual that involves eerie choreography and bees in a way that bees should never, ever be.

So congrats, AHS fans: If you're scared of clowns, allergic to bees, allergic to politics, or all of the above, it seems like American Horror Story: Cult may be the scariest season to date.