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Taraji P. Henson Is One Leather-Clad Badass Of A Hitwoman In Proud Mary

You're doing amazing, sweetie

Taraji P. Henson has long since proven that she can play a fierce femme fatale with aplomb thanks to her star turn on Empire, but the machinations of Cookie Lyon are nothing compared to the intensity of this first look at Proud Mary.

Boston crime dramas tend to feature a bunch of dudes with bad accents and an Affleck or two, so it's great to see a woman taking the lead in what appears to be a redemption story with plenty of lethal detours.

Henson stars as — you guessed it — Mary, a hitwoman who cashes checks from one of the crime families in town. She's got an extremely intimidating collection of firearms and leather, and a very busy schedule, from the looks of it, that involves high-speed chases, plenty of withering stares, and minimal dialogue — so the trappings of a modern action classic, basically.

We don't know a whole lot about the film beyond the fact that she kicks a ton of ass, takes a bunch of names in the process, and meets a kid who makes her rethink her trigger-pulling occupation. If the trailer track and title are any indication, here's hoping Proud Mary's soundtrack is as awesome as its leading lady. Clearly, Henson is thrilled. So are we.

Proud Mary is scheduled for a January 2018 release.