Party Planning: The Siesta Key Cast Reveals The Key Ingredient To A Fiesta

One word for you: essential

What's the best way to make a bash extra-lit? According to the cast of MTV's new Siesta Key, just add water.

"The key to having a fiesta in Siesta would definitely be you need water -- the pool or the beach or on a boat," Chloe says in the clip, below. Easy peasy, because the gorgeous island town is literally surrounded by the Gulf of Mexico.

Juliette and Brandon echo that thought, as does Alex, whose beachside mansion (pool included) is where many of the group's bashes occur. And Madisson concurs, saying, "It's my favorite party when there's a bathing suit involved."

Still, H2O isn't everything -- a couple of other Siesta Key party essentials made the list (and they're probably not what you think). Watch the clip to find out what they are, and catch the series premiere on Monday, July 31 at 10/9c.

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