Should Kailyn Tell Javi About Her Teen Mom 2 Pregnancy?

During tonight's episode, the young mother revealed why she's keeping it from her ex (for now)

Kailyn's third pregnancy may not have been revealed by the MTV mama -- but now that the life-changing development has been captured on camera, the college student disclosed more details during tonight's Teen Mom 2 episode. One important item she shared in the middle of a candid chat with Jo: the choice to (currently) keep this news from ex Javi.

"I'm afraid that he will try to sell [the story]," Kail told her former high school sweetheart.

While the young dad stressed she needed to let Javi know, Kail explained her reasoning for keeping it guarded at this point in time.

"He is not stable right now," she stressed.

But should she tell Lincoln's father about her bundle of joy on the way now that more people are in the know (like Jo)? Kail kept this pregnancy closely guarded until she was past her first trimester -- but now that she's past the critical three-month mark (and will begin to show), it is now featured on the series. In addition, Isaac is aware (telling Jo, "My mommy is having another baby") and there's a chance Javi could hear it from the seven-year-old -- or someone else.

Or is Javi not to be trusted with this deeply personal information? While the divorce is now final and they appear to have made improvements with their co-parenting, the two have notoriously had trouble effectively and calmly communicating. Plus, Kail is still in the early stages of this journey -- and this baby's arrival is not imminent.

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