Sabrina Carpenter Kisses A Riverdale Star In Her New Music Video

Opposites attract in 'Why'

Disney Channel alum Sabrina Carpenter hasn't slowed down since Girl Meets World ended in January. She dropped her latest music video Thursday (July 20) and surprise! It stars Casey Cott, who plays Kevin Keller on Riverdale, as her boyfriend.

"This is you and this is me," Cott's character says at the beginning of the clip, holding up salt and pepper shakers at a diner that may as well be called Pop's. "At first glance it might not look like we go together, but everybody knows that we belong together."

It's a cheesy but cute introduction to "Why," Carpenter's new song that's about two people who make their relationship work despite being polar opposites.

Now, could we please get a Carpenter cameo in Riverdale Season 2?