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Justin Bieber Spread Smiles And Dabs During His Visit To A Children’s Hospital

'I never knew he had this big of a heart'

Ahead of his first North American stadium tour, Justin Bieber took time out of his busy schedule to surprise some very special fans. Because that’s just the kind of big-hearted dude he is.

The “Despacito” chart-topper visited Children’s Hospital of Orange County in Orange, California, on Monday (July 17), where he said prayers with patients, took pics, and basically made a whole lot of dreams come true.

One mother named Brandie Runner shared the crazy story of how her daughter Victoria got to meet JB. She wrote on Instagram, “So ... our nurse comes in and asks Victoria if she's been asked about having a visitor? We say no. ... In this person walks. Introduces themselves to Victoria and we sit stunned. Victoria's smile was amazing and huge. Prayed with us and gave tori a great big hug. Anyone wanna guess who her visitor was?!! #justinbieber.”

Runner added in another pic, “We still can't believe Justin Bieber came in to meet my chicklette. What a blessing this day was to her (& I). I never knew he had this big of a heart.”

Check out more cute snaps from Bieber’s hospital visit below, which show him spreading smiles, hugs, and even a dab. Ahh... it sure is good to see him making headlines for all the right reasons.