Fear Factor Sneak Peek: These People Are About To Encounter 1,000 Scorpions

And some of them look pretty scared, right?

How brave could you be if you had to save your loved one from being covered in 1,000 scorpions?

That question will be posed to a group of parents when they compete with their offspring on the next Fear Factor -- and encounter a competition called "Tight Pinch."

"Your child is going to lay strapped down in that box with 1,000 scorpions all over them," host Ludacris explains in the sneak peek, below.

Luckily, Mom or Dad will be coming to the rescue: The offspring will have to scoop as many scorpions as they can out of the box and hand them off to their parental unit who, in turn, will transfer the critters to a different box.

But there's a catch: The parents have to carry the scorpions in a unique (and terrifying) way. To find out how (trust us, it's the most twisted thing ever), watch the clip. Then catch Fear Fear on Tuesday at 10/9c.