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Paris Hilton Is Giving 'Stars Are Blind' A 2017 Makeover

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It's been a big week for Paris Hilton, between announcing her cameo in Demi Lovato's upcoming video for "Sorry Not Sorry" and that whole boyfriend-getting-a-gigantic-tat-of-her-name thing.

She's not done yet, though: Paris just announced that her 2006 single, "Stars Are Blind," is getting a 2017 update.

The song served as Paris's musical debut, peaked at No. 18 on the Billboard 100, and served as the launchpad for her DJ career, pretty much — so it makes total sense that she'd revisit it and give it a modern spin.

Enjoy a refresher of the original below, and keep your eyes peeled for Demi's "Sorry Not Sorry" in the meantime.