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Kendrick Lamar Reveals The ‘I Made It’ Moment Of His Career

'It changed my whole perspective'

Lengthy Kendrick Lamar interviews are rare but reliably great, and adding another living legend to the mix only kicks things up a notch.

The rapper recently spoke to veteran comedian Dave Chappelle for Interview magazine, in a conversation that touched on DAMN., their love of hip-hop, being a celebrity, and more. They also bonded over the experience of visiting Africa, with Lamar pointing to his visit there as his “oh shit, I made it” moment.

“I went to South Africa — Durban, Cape Town, Johannesburg — and those were definitely the ‘I’ve arrived’ shows,” Lamar said. “Outside of the money, the success, the accolades … This is a place that we, in urban communities, never dream of. We never dream of Africa. Like, ‘Damn, this is the motherland.’ That moment changed my whole perspective on how to convey my art.”

He added, “The best thing I did was go back to the city of Compton, to touch the people who I grew up with and tell them the stories of the people I met around the world.”

Lamar — who kicked off his DAMN. tour last night (July 12) — also told Chappelle why the album is simply a blast to perform live: “To go on that stage and perform that record, that’s the most fun I have. I get a full party every night.”

Check out the full, illuminating interview here.