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Gal Gadot Gives The Fans Credit For Wonder Woman's Box Office Success

'Wonder Woman has the best fans in the world ❤️'

To list off all of the achievements Wonder Woman has collected at the box office since its release would take a real long time, so let's briefly sum it up. It's the best-performing film directed by a woman to hit theaters; it's taken Batman, Superman, the Mummy with the gnarly tattoos, and Deadpool to task; and it's now on track to become the summer blockbuster to rake in the most cash thanks to the fact that audiences can't get enough of Diana's triumph.

The Hollywood Reporter now has Wonder Woman trouncing Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 on that front, as it's projected to bring in a $390 million domestic gross. This means it's the top performer at 2017's summer box office, and after seven weeks of packing theaters, it's also the eighth most successful comic book adaptation of all time.

Gal Gadot — who plays our titular heroine — is super grateful to those who show up (and keep showing up) for the DC action epic, and she took to Twitter to express her appreciation upon hearing the news.

D'aw. Good job, team.

CONTINUE TO ROUND 'EM UP WITH THAT LASSO OF TRUTH, YOU FEARLESS, AMAZONIAN BADASS. Also, go see Wonder Woman if you haven't yet, because what are you even doing.