Should Jordan Support Baby Marley's Teen Mum Modeling?

Chloe certainly thinks her beau needs to change his tune

Chloe took preliminary steps to get her son Marley into the world of baby modeling during this week's Teen Mum episode -- however, the infant's father Jordan wasn't too keen (British phrase, can't help it) on his mini-me taking center stage in front of the camera. But should the young father back his ladylove's mission to launch their son into this career? Chloe definitely believed her beau needed to be more supportive.

"I hope Jordan comes around, because this is just what I need to help me feel better," Chloe admitted.

But he didn't exactly change his tune when Chloe showed Jordan the snapshots from the six-month-old's photo shoot. And after Chloe mentioned that the majority of the gigs would be on weekends, Jordan took issue with this scheduling.

"Well, it's my time off," he stated. "It's your thing -- you can go with him."

When Chloe pressed that he should be behind this, he responded with, "It's you that wants it, not him."

"I think you're being an ass for saying that," she retaliated. "You should want that for Marley, and if he's on the front of a magazine or anything, that is such good for him. Starting him off young is brilliant."

But do you agree with Chloe's assessment? Or is Jordan in the right for being unsure about this potential career? Sound off in the comments, and don't miss two Teen Mum episodes on Monday beginning at 10/9c!