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Selena Gomez Sings New Song ‘Fetish’ In A Very Glossy Teaser

She's daring you to come closer

Selena Gomez has been hard at work teasing us with her new single “Fetish,” and her latest preview is the most revealing one yet. On Tuesday (July 11), the singer broke out her shiniest lip gloss to give us the first audio taste of the Gucci Mane-featuring single.

“Take it or leave it / Baby, take it or leave it / But I know you won't leave it / 'Cause I know that you need it, uh / Look in the mirror / When I look in the mirror / Baby, I see it clearer / Why you want to be nearer,” Gomez sings, with the camera zoomed in on her polished pink pout.

Along with that smoldering clip, Gomez also shared a pair of new Instagram posts, which were taken in what looks like a suburban home. Like the other photos we’ve seen, she wears a yellow dress and looks entirely apathetic. And no, there are no goofy “Bad Liar”-esque wigs involved.

“Fetish” arrives in all its steamy glory on Thursday, July 13. New Demi and new Selena in one week?! It’s a good time to be a pop music fan.