Kevin Hart's Twitter Is About To Get Hacked -- And The Tweet Is About Beyoncé

Will the comedian utter his 'SafeWord'?

It's tough to take back a tweet -- and Kevin Hart could have a slight 140-character issue on his hands. That is, unless he utters his "safeword."

In a sneak peek of MTV's brand-new series SafeWord -- where a bunch of showdowns feature a comedy-roast vibe between stars who will push the envelope (and try to embarrass the hell out of each other) -- Damien Dante Wayans has the keys to Hart's social media account. And it's about to go down -- during the initial moments of the show's inaugural episode.

"There's no need to be stupid," Hart declares in the clip, above, to his pal.

But it might be too late. What Twitter message does Wayans have up his sleeve? Hint: It has to do with Beyoncé. Watch the video to find out, and don't miss the premiere of SafeWord on Thursday at 11:30/10:30c!