#FBF: That Time David Hasselhoff Had To Collect Flags Off The Top Of A Moving Bus

It all went down on the original 'Fear Factor,' and there's a very special reason we're reminiscing

Okay, young'uns -- gather 'round for a history lesson.

Long before Zac Efron and The Rock donned Speedos for this summer's Baywatch, the big-screen endeavor was a television show starring the absolutely amazing David Hasselhoff. Why's he so awesome? Here are some highlights from his resume:

*After beginning his career as Dr. William Foster Jr. on The Young and the Restless in 1975, David transitioned to the big screen in 1976 by portraying "Boner" in Revenge of the Cheerleaders.

*From 1982-86, he starred as Michael Knight, a guy who fights crime with the help of a nearly indestructible (and talking) Pontiac Firebird Trans Am named KITT, on TV's Knight Rider.

*David is a prolific recording artist who has released 13 studio albums. Never afraid to tackle a standard, he made one called David Hasselhoff Sings America that included his version of "Amazing Grace." Plus a cover of Madonna's "La Isla Bonita."

*He's a gigantic pop star in Germany. How gigantic? The man affectionately known as The Hoff performed his hit single "Looking for Freedom" in front of a huge crowd just after the Berlin Wall collapsed in 1989, and he did it while standing in a bucket crane and wearing a black leather jacket with flashing lights on it. (Relive it here.)

*From 1989-2000, The Hoff was on the aforementioned Baywatch and totally held his own even though Pamela Anderson was frequently beside him in that red bathing suit. This is how legends are made.

But that's not all: In 2001, he appeared on the celebrity edition of the original Fear Factor, where he was tasked with collecting flags on top of a bus. While the large motor vehicle was moving. Here's proof:

So why are we extolling the virtues of David Hasselhoff, and why are we showing you his FF highlights? Because fearlessness apparently runs in the family: This week, the flag will be passed to David's daughter Taylor when she appears on MTV's Fear Factor reboot. (See what we did there? With the flag thing? Just checking.)

But what action-packed competitions await The Hoff's spawn? Stay with MTV News to find out, then get ready for FF on Tuesday at 10/9c. And to see if Taylor's Pops ultimately won big back in 2001, check out the clip below: