Is Teen Mum Naomi Really 'Done' With Baby Daddy Raphael?

Kyanna's parents fought during tonight's episode -- but it's not the first time the two have had issues

For some young mothers, trying to make it work with the father of your child can be a fruitless effort. And since we met Naomi, the teen mum has done her best to salvage a fragile relationship with Kyanna's dad -- even though there was another girl in the picture (his ex Ines). Now, during tonight's episode, the aspiring makeup artist threw in the towel with her on-again off-again beau and declared she was done. But will this decisive action be for good -- or will Naomi go back to Raphael?

Naomi's last straw: Raphael was texting with Ines -- and Ines sent proof of her communication with the young dad to Naomi.

"He's basically saying if it doesn't work out with me, he wants it to be a fresh start with her," Naomi revealed straight to the camera, while adding that she was speechless.

But when she confronted Raphael, she didn't mince words.

"You're the one who keeps on talking to her," a frustrated Naomi told an equally fed-up Raphael. And after walking away from him, Naomi declared she was "so done" and "ready to move on and find somebody better."

But is she? Naomi has declared that she "can't live with him and can't live without him" -- so time will tell if she sticks to this aforementioned statement. Share your thoughts in the comments, and catch more Teen Mum next Monday at 10/9c!