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Camila Cabello Is Literally A Dream In Major Lazer's New Music Video

'Know No Better' also features Travis Scott and Quavo

Imagination has no boundaries in Major Lazer's "Know No Better," off the trio's latest EP. The new music video, released Tuesday (July 11), follows a student who's too busy daydreaming to pay attention in class. In his mind, he's a famous dancer working with celebs like Camila Cabello, who features on the song alongside Travis Scott, and Migos' Quavo. But in real life, this normal teenager is stuck finishing a boring science project. Womp, womp.

"I used to space out all through high school about being the sickest guitarist in the world to impress girls, but all I could play in real life was a quarter-speed version of Slash's solo from 'Sweet Child O' Mine,'" Director Philip Andelman said in a statement about the clip. "I thought it could be fun to do a video that married a kid's daydream of being a Major Lazer backup dancer (i.e. the ultimate goal for any dancer out there) with the reality of quotidian ass-kickings and unbearable siblings."

By the end of the clip, fantasy begins to merge with reality. The swanky house and glamorous lifestyle may not be real — yet! — but at least this kid's making his dreams come true one step at a time.