Selena Gomez Has A Smoky New 'Fetish' Coming

Her new single features Gucci Mane

Selena Gomez isn't slowing her roll on the new music front: Now that "Bad Liar" is out and stuck in your head, she's gearing up for a new collaboration with Gucci Mane — and it seems like it's an explosive affair, if the visuals she dropped to hype it are any indication.

On July 13, Gomez is releasing her next single, "Fetish," and the photos she posted to announce it look like eerie stills from a coming-of-age horror movie.

Unlike "Bad Liar," which had her rocking some goofy disguises, the art for "Fetish" has a decidedly darker, mysterious vibe (so far): Gomez's look is simple in a long, comfy dress and sneakers, and she's staring straight into the camera with nothing but grocery bags beside her. The haze in the background isn't fog, but smoke coming straight from the overheated engine of a beat-up car directly behind her — and the whole feel is more ominous than not.

Are Gomez and Gucci on the run for "Fetish," complete with snacks and a smoldering set of wheels? Guess we'll have to wait and see when the track hits on July 13.