How Jenelle Opened Up To Her Longtime Teen Mom 2 Producer

The MTV cast member got brutally honest with co-executive producer Kristen during this week's episode

Jenelle's longtime co-executive producer Kristen revealed to MTV News that the Teen Mom 2 cast member tells her "everything that is going on in her life." And during this week's premiere episode, a then-pregnant Jenelle poured her heart out to Kristen after a difficult argument with David regarding their upcoming move and staying in their current unlivable home (which had mold).

"He hangs out with his friends, now more frequently, but I don't have any f**king friends," Jenelle told Kristen, after she left the house with Kaiser in tow. "I'm in a hotel parking lot with my son alone. I don't have a friend, I don't have a boyfriend, I don't have f**king no one. I just don't have anyone."

An emotional Jenelle continued, while beginning to cry: "In the end, I'm always alone. I don't speak to my mom -- I don't trust her. I don't have my son. I have Kaiser, and that's it. And I cry about it all the time."

Jenelle needed someone to speak to after a difficult situation -- and in that moment, Kristen was present to lend a supportive ear. Be sure to keep watching Jenelle (as well as Kristen) as this Teen Mom 2 season continues on Mondays at 9/8c.