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Ashley Tisdale And Vanessa Hudgens Reunited For A Very Special Occasion

🎶 Wildcats in the house 🎶

It's been over a decade since High School Musical premiered, yet Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens are still all in this together. The former Wildcats recently celebrated Tisdale's 32nd birthday, which was technically last Sunday (July 2), but Ash turned her big day into a weeklong event. Sharpay would be proud.

"When you make your friends celebrate your birthday the entire week," Tisdale wrote on Friday (July 7). Samantha Droke and Shelley Buckner, two of her friends pictured below, also appeared on Disney Channel, making this party quite the reunion.

These days, Tisdale designs a shimmery makeup line and covers your favorite songs on her YouTube channel. Hudgens, meanwhile, starred on NBC's short-lived Powerless series. But no matter where their careers take them, their friendship endures.

"I love watching you grow cause girl, [you] get better every year," Hudgens shared about her "baby girl" on Instagram.

Now, can we please get another duet between these two BFFs?