The Dirty 30 Competitors Reveal Their Favorite Challenge Season

Fittingly, none of these folks picked the same installment

Every Challenge season has something that makes it unique for a cast member -- whether it's a hard-fought victory or a devastating defeat. And like with everything, there will always be a favorite that will stand out among the rest.

Before the Dirty 30 games begin (on July 18) MTV News asked a few familiar faces which installment ranks #1. For CT, it was a recent experience -- and it wasn't only about what occurred on the battlefield.

"It would have to be Invasion," the two-time champ states in the clip above about Season 29. "Starting a new chapter in my life, becoming a father and winning that Challenge meant a lot to me personally."

What seasons did Cara Maria, Aneesa, Bananas and others pick? Watch the video to find out, stay with MTV News for more updates and don't miss the premiere of The Challenge XXX: Dirty 30 on Tuesday, July 18 at 9/8c!