Should Farrah And David Have Gone Face-To-Face At The Teen Mom OG Reunion?

The two spoke with Dr. Drew separately on tonight's episode

When viewers last saw Farrah and her mother's fiancé David, the two mightily clashed -- and both said "f**k you" in the heat of the moment on the Teen Mom OG season finale. The duo -- who don't have the best record of getting along -- didn't share the stage during tonight's reunion special. But should they have put aside their differences to hash out their past? For starters, Sophia's mother didn't think this type of conversation was necessary.

"I don't really need to get together," Farrah told Dr. Drew. "He's irrelevant to my life."

She eventually elaborated why her situation with David is difficult -- after walking off of the set and returning to speak with the addiction specialist.

"She's had past relationships and engagements where they kind of start out the same way. And I just took notice," Farrah explained. "I just feel that maybe he's not all that in touch with my mom."

When David and Debra joined Dr. Drew separately, David actually agreed with Farrah that he wasn't interested in a face-to-face meeting.

"From personal experience and professional counseling about these types of things, it's best sometimes to avoid," he calmly stated.

But do you agree with this assessment? And can Farrah and David move forward? Share your thoughts in the comments.