Catfish Promises: Did April Give Dean A Fair Chance?

On tonight's episode, the young lady vowed to give their relationship her all

A 20-year-old named April vowed to "give it 100%" when it came to maintaining a relationship with her catfish, but did she truly keep her promise?

On tonight's episode of the hit show, the Utah resident contacted Nev and Max in an effort to finally get answers about her beau Dean. The two had met a whopping seven years earlier in a teen chatroom, and not long after their first online encounter, they were talking "all day, every day" via phone calls that lasted up to seven hours.

"We had all the same interests and our personalities just clicked," April told Max and Nev. "I soon found myself telling him I loved him."

But there were a few issues with Dean: He wouldn't videochat or meet in person. He also completely disappeared -- twice -- for up to a year. Upon resurfacing, he claimed he'd been having issues at home, and that his mother had died. Then he said he could no longer afford a cell phone, and his communication with April became limited to Facebook messages.

So was Dean full of BS -- and was he a Catfish fake? No and no. When Nev, Max and April finally met up with him in Dallas, he was everything he said he was -- and everything he'd told April was 100% truth. In fact, when Max asked if he had feelings for April, he had a heartwarming answer.

"I do," he said. "Honestly, I've never connected with somebody like I have with April. And I can honestly say, right now standing next to her, I feel pretty damn great."

He also vowed to never disappear again, suggesting to April that they rebuild their relationship. "Do you want to move past everything and...go into this knowing that both of us are going to give it our all no matter what?" he asked her.

"I'd be willing to go into this knowing that we've had our issues [and] we're moving past it," she said. "I'd like to continue forward in whatever that may mean."

And later, she told Nev and Max, "I'm willing to give it 100% and my full effort, as long as he is. And hopefully that will continue forward."

But just how far did it continue? When Nev and Max videochatted with April two months later, she announced she had a new boyfriend. "Dean was kind of sad, but he was happy that I found someone," she said, noting that she and her former catfish were "still close friends." Dean, meanwhile, didn't seem thrilled about April's new beau but insisted he only wanted "the best" for her. Still, he sounded dismayed when he noted that they were now communicating less frequently. "It would be nice if we talked a little more often than we do," he said.

So what do you think? Did April drop the ball, and should she be staying in touch with Dean more often? Did she fail to truly give him a fair chance? Or is it cool that she found a new guy -- and even better that she's stayed pals with Dean at all? Tell us your thoughts, then catch another Catfish Wednesday at 10/9c.