Tyler And Catelynn Open Up About Butch's Latest Teen Mom OG Struggles

The couple spoke to Dr. Drew about the MTV grandfather during this week's reunion

Tyler's father Butch struggled during this Teen Mom OG season -- from his prison release (stemming from violating his probation) to succumbing to the temptation of using. And during this week's reunion special, Catelynn and Tyler gave an update on the MTV grandfather.

"Butch doesn't seem to be doing that well," Novalee's mom told host Dr. Drew. "I kind of stay out of that stuff, and I let Tyler really talk to him."

And when Tyler joined his wife on stage, the young dad opened up about Butch's recent issues.

"He's relapsed a couple of times, and he admits it," Tyler explained about his father's crack cocaine addiction, while Cate added that they can always locate Butch thanks to the iPhone feature Find My Friends. Dr. Drew revealed that the producers tried to arrange a Skype call, but they were unable to reach Butch -- and when Cate and Ty tried to call him, efforts were also unsuccessful (turns out, he was home based on the tracking feature).

"[I want] nothing but the best for you, but we have to get you back on track," Dr. Drew stated in a voicemail.

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