This Hip-Hop Star Might Not Make It To A Super Sweet 16

And yes, the birthday girls are very nervous he won't show up

A performance, courtesy of a recognizable musician, is a bonus to any sweet 16 celebration. But what happens when the artist might have a last-minute snafu that prevents him/her from taking the stage at the rite-of-passage event? We're about to find out -- and it's causing a lot a bit of panic.

In a sneak peek of the upcoming My Super Sweet 16, Sianney and Angie (aka the SiAngie Twins) get some difficult news from their intended big-name entertainer.

"Like, for real? I'm not playing -- is he coming?" Angie exclaims after hearing the unexpected development regarding the hip-hop star, who stated he had to be at his own child's birthday.

So who is the intended performer? And will he make it to the bash? Catch the first ever episode of My Super Sweet 16 on Monday at 11/10c!