Christopher Polk/Getty Images for Coachella

Lady Gaga Is Ready For Another Round Of Her Dive Bar Tour

And to dive right into the ‘Joanne’ world tour

Lady Gaga will be spending a ton of time on the road to mount the official Joanne tour later this summer, but she's also going to be adding a few dates to a number of venues that are a whole lot smaller than the stadiums she's used to headlining.

She's reviving the dive bar tour she completed to celebrate the release of her 2016 album, and there's a specific connection between the smaller shows and her approach to the Joanne tour that'll make her latest jaunt a completely new experience for Little Monsters across the country.

First things first, the dive bar tour: Instead of playing watering holes in select cities, Gaga is heading to Vegas on July 13, and two artists that have yet to be named will play under the "Dive Bar Tour" banner in Los Angeles and New Orleans. The small-stage mindset definitely informs the Joanne tour, in that it stresses how closely Gaga wants to get with her fans — and how it's not exactly the easiest thing to do when you're looking out at 40,000 people at any given show.

"I think the intention is to, when I'm in the arena, to really kind of slow it down sometimes and really connect with each person in the most intimate way that I can, like it would be in a dive bar," Gaga told Billboard. "And then when I'm playing in a dive bar, the idea is to be intimate at times but then to be explosive and big as well, to give people a feeling of what it would be like to see me in a bigger venue."

It's symbiotic, you see, and it's one of the many reasons why the Joanne tour is gonna feel like a different ride. She's going to be performing new material, just like she did at Coachella, where she premiered her latest single, "The Cure," and she and her crew have been building upon what we saw at the mega-fest and the Super Bowl before it.

"Well, you know, we never like to do the same thing twice ... we're creating something completely new," she said. "It will grow out of what you saw at the Super Bowl and Coachella, but you know, we always like to keep it fresh."

As for the international leg of the tour, Gaga's looking forward to playing Manchester especially, as the city — which is still grieving in the wake of the horrible attack that took place at an Ariana Grande concert last month — is one that's on her mind. "It will mean a lot to me," she said. "I'm excited to share that moment with my fans, as I am in every place that we go. I think it's important, in every city that I stop in, that we honor that tragedy and be there for one another and remember that life is precious and we have to be kind and stick together."

All in all, it sounds like the Joanne tour is a force in and of itself — and clearly Gaga's oh so ready to get back out on the road (and back to the bar).