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Ariana Grande’s New Album Is Going To Be ‘Amazing’ According To Pharrell

And so is Justin Timberlake’s, apparently

Pharrell Williams was sitting on a pretty big secret, but in this case, it was too good to be kept: He's working on two massive records that'll drop in the not-so-distant future, one each from Ariana Grande and Justin Timberlake, and they're definitely looking — and sounding — good.

In an interview on Today, Williams talked about what he's currently working on — including a release of his own, which he remains tight-lipped about — and revealed that he's really impressed with the work Grande and Timberlake are putting into their forthcoming albums.

"I got so much work to do," he told Today. The topic came up when he was asked whether or not he'll be returning to The Voice as a coach and judge. The answer is simple, in that Williams has such a full plate that he can't get out of the studio.

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"I have work to do, music to make. And so many records — Ariana Grande’s album is amazing; the Justin Timberlake album is amazing. There’s another album I can’t talk about but my fans know about it."

HmMmMmMm. So many things to look forward to, so little time! Or hopefully so little time: No word yet as to when any of these three projects will drop, but if they're sounding amazing, maybe they're closer to complete than we think.