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Jay-Z Dropped An Ominous New Teaser Called ‘Kill Jay-Z’

The mystery of ‘4:44’ deepens

In just two days, Jay-Z will release his new and presumably visual album, 4:44. To hype us up even further, he's released another teaser clip titled "Kill Jay-Z."

Even though he name-drops himself in the title, Jay is nowhere to be seen in the clip. Instead, we get a sample of new instrumental music set against a video of a young man in a "Stay Black" t-shirt running away from some unseen doom. It's a compelling visual all on its own, and it indicates that whatever 4:44 is, it's got a lot of layers.

The music, which includes some creepy-sounding reversed bars, is promising too. Just a few dozen more hours and we get to see what all of this is about.