Should Teen Mom OG's Maci Have Told Mackenzie About Ryan's Issues?

The two women discussed Bentley's father during tonight's reunion special

Ryan's issues were featured on the Teen Mom OG season finale -- and shortly after the scene was filmed, Bentley's father confirmed in a statement that he had checked in to a rehabilitation facility.

However, throughout earlier episodes, Maci expressed her deep worry regarding her ex's well-being to her husband Taylor and an interventionist -- but she did not approach Ryan's eventual wife Mackenzie about her concerns. And during tonight's reunion special, the mother of three opened up to host Dr. Drew about her decision.

"I didn't want to do anything or say anything that would make her feel like she couldn't trust Ryan or that their relationship wasn't real," Maci told the addiction specialist at the taped special. "I didn't want to hurt her."

But Maci's choice affected Mackenzie -- and Mackenzie expressed her frustration and humiliation.

"You let everyone know you feared for his life while concurrently exploiting Ryan's addiction on the show," Mackenzie stated from an open letter, while Maci interjected that she did not exploit Ryan. "I had only known about it for two days before Ryan was walking into treatment."

Mackenzie continued: "You preach about hating complacency and enabling but because you turned your head to the problem, that makes you the enabler."

When Mackenzie finished reading, Maci stated that Mackenzie's statements were "ridiculous" and laughed. From there, Maci repeated that she did not exploit them and that Ryan was responsible for that.

But Mackenzie retaliated -- and stated that Maci should not have spoken about Ryan during her Puerto Rico trip and instead should have approached Mackenzie. Again, Maci denied any wrongdoing, and Mackenzie walked off the stage.

Mackenzie eventually returned and said that they didn't need to go backward and instead should move forward.

"You just went back there with that bulls**t letter," Maci snapped.

But Dr. Drew made an important point -- which aligned with Maci's argument.

"It's not uncommon for people to have information and take some time to figure out how to deal with it," he said.

The two young mothers did not reach a resolution in this environment. But the question still looms: Should Maci have approached Mackenzie about Ryan's issues? Maci heeded the interventionist's advice and admitted she thought about the repercussions it could have regarding Mackenzie and Ryan's relationship if she did come forward. Or should Maci have put her conflicted feelings aside and spoken to Mackenzie? Mackenzie was visibly upset -- and felt that she had a right to know if Maci knew something deeply troubling about Ryan.

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