Robin Marchant/Getty Images

Liam Payne And His Baby Boy Have Matching Yeezys

This papa is proud of his little dude’s style

Liam Payne and Cheryl Cole welcomed their brand-new baby boy, Bear, into the world back in March, but the tiny one is already boasting a flair for fashion that rivals that of his pops thanks to some sweet footwear.

In a cute snapshot, Payne is sporting Yeezys, and it appears that little Bear has his own bootie versions of Kanye West's popular kicks, too.

They may not be official, teeny versions of the sneaker in that they're, well, not actually sneakers, but knit booties that are perfect for baby feet. Still, they're cute as hell, and they definitely nail the fuzzy television screen aesthetic of the dad-size originals.

Something tells us that Bear is going to grow up with a pretty impressive closet — one with plenty of appropriately patterned outfits that riff on his namesake — so Payne's lucky for now: He's got a decade or two before Bear will catch up and start borrowing his designer duds.