Teen Mom OG Status: Are Amber And Matt Still Together?

The two addressed their relationship during this week's reunion special

When Amber's Teen Mom OG story concluded, she was absolutely devastated when Matt failed one key question during a lie detector test. The couple's future together was in serious doubt -- and on Part 1 of the reunion, Leah's mother addressed her current status with her longtime beau.

"We're not broken up, we're not together," the 28-year-old told host Dr. Drew, while adding they are still living in the same house. From there, she elaborated that Matt's comments about her brother were "disgusting" and voiced her deep concern regarding money randomly missing from their bank account.

While Matt opted not to attend the taping, he did call in -- and the exchange with Amber was rocky. He admitted that they haven't had a "good month or so," and he called Amber "angry" and said that she "seems to forget" where the aforementioned cash was spent.

"Where's ninety f**king grand at?" a fed-up Amber asked. "Yeah, I got money, so it's cool. But that's a lot of f**king money."

The bickering about green continued -- and the two hit a standstill on this topic. But both revealed they are committed to working on their bond with the help of treatment. However, Amber had one condition: "If I come home and you bring this up, on everything I love, we're done. If I come home and you say one word about me saying anything on television embarrassing you, I swear to God we're done."

"Can I say it now then?" Matt asked. His quip ultimately led to a cute exchange (him asking her to smile after complimenting her and saying she looked "nice").

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