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Taylor Swift Resurfaces To Joke About The Birth Of ‘Shake It Off’

And she’s back to rocking her natural curls!

Get excited, Swifties, because your girl’s back! Sort of.

Taylor Swift came out of the woods Monday night (June 26) to appear in a video congratulating Oklahoma City Thunder star Russell Westbrook following his MVP win at the NBA Awards. The clip was posted to the Thunder Twitter account, and marks the singer’s first appearance in months.

Thankfully, Swift appears to be as happy and hilarious as ever. In the video, she rocks her naturally curly hair and cheekily relates a (totally fake) story about teaching Westbrook how to play basketball.

“I remember the first time you beat me at basketball and I was very upset and you said, if you remember correctly, you said, ‘You just have to shake it off,’” Swift said. “So essentially we have each other to thank for these careers, obviously.”

Westbrook hasn’t publicly reacted to the video yet, but he’s probably pretty psyched about it. He is, after all, a card-carrying member of the Swiftie fandom, as evidenced by these hilarious vids:

Good to know the love between these two is 100 percent mutual.