Teen Mum Decision: Should Megan Have Stayed With Her Unfaithful Fiancé?

The 17-year-old learned that her baby daddy slept with her former friend

Megan may have declared that she had the "perfect little family" with fiancé Dylan and son Mckenzie during tonight's Teen Mum premiere, but the 17-year-old soon got some heartbreaking news about her baby's father.

"Dylan slept with my ex-best friend," the Essex native admitted, wiping away tears. "I do love Dylan. It hurts me that he would be able to do something like that and ruin everything we've got."

Even though Megan was hurt and felt betrayed -- and felt "sick" at the thought of Dylan being unfaithful -- she decided to stay with him and "try to make it work." The main reason behind her decision: She didn't want history to repeat itself.

"I don't want to end things with Dylan because I know what it's like to grow up without both parents," she explained, before adding that her father wouldn't show up for pre-planned visits.

So should Megan have made the choice she did? She understandably doesn't want her son to endure the same hardships she faced as a child -- so sticking by him would ensure the infant wouldn't. But Megan did state that she had not forgiven Dylan for the infidelity -- and even used the word "hate" to describe both him and her former pal. Can she get over that sentiment? Or is it best for them to part ways? Share your thoughts in the comments, and be sure to keep watching the special Teen Mum event when new episodes return next Monday beginning at 10/9c.