Sneak Peek: Was Kelsie ThisClose To Her Mysterious Catfish Without Even Knowing It?

It's either kind of charming or really creepy

A woman was left disappointed when her catfish didn't show up in time to see her during a special date they made -- or did he?

In a sneak peek of the show's next episode, Kelsie shows Nev and Max photos of her Internet beau Brandon (aka the man she's still never met in person). And one of the pics -- showing the handsome dude posing at the Louisiana Mudfest -- makes Nev raise an eyebrow because of the 411 Kelsie had given them about the event.

"How strange," the dark-haired sleuth says in the sneak peak, below. "He invites you to this weekend festival. You go, he never shows up and then you leave -- and all of a sudden, he's there. Could he have been there the whole weekend?"

Interesting theory, but why would Brandon have gone all the way to the mudfest and not greeted Kelsie? "Maybe he was just watching you and too nervous to say hello," Nev says.

Or, Nev then suggests, there could have been another reason Brandon didn't come face-to-face with Kelsie -- and this one doesn't have anything to do with nerves.

What is Nev speculating? And what does Max think of the entire situation? (Hint: he's harsh.) Watch the clip to find out, then catch Catfish Wednesday at 10/9c.