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The Chainsmokers Turned Their Adorable Baby Pics Into A Music Video

Consider this an early #TBT

You know them as The Chainsmokers, but before Hollywood came knocking, they were Andrew "Drew" Taggart and Alex Pall — just two ordinary dudes. Their new lyric video for "Young," released Monday (June 26), throws it back to those days.

"It's impossible for us to watch this and not get emotional," the duo wrote on Instagram, thanking videographer Rory Kramer for tracking photos of them as "little tots." The result is a sentimental three-minute digital scrapbook, all set to the penultimate track of their debut album, Memories ... Do Not Open.

Some can't-miss highlights: Alex's baby teeth (0:11), Drew's emo phase (0:46), Alex's fancy suit (0:50), and Drew's spiky hair (0:57). Then the clip transitions into The Chainsmokers today — traveling the world, playing in front of cheering crowds, and getting into various backstage adventures. The best part is, their journey is just getting started.