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Future And Kendrick Lamar Turned The BET Awards Into A Sex Cult For ‘Mask Off’

Wearing bejeweled surgical masks, obvs

We might have expected that Future would have shown up to the BET Awards in a bedazzled surgical mask, which seems to be becoming the year's hottest accessory (anti-surveillance, and looks badass too!). What we didn't expect was for Future to take up the mantle of sex-cult leader during his performance of “Mask Off.”

Accompanied by dancers (and a flautist!) in masquerade garb and black hooded robes, Future stormed a stage decked out to look like a fancy neoclassical ballroom in what was likely a nod to the movie Eyes Wide Shut, in which Tom Cruise gets tangled up in an aesthetically similar sex cult.

Soon enough, he was joined by Kendrick Lamar, who popped up on stage by surprise to rap his verse from the song's remix. He didn't bring his own specially bedazzled mask, but he nailed his bars all the same.