Mark Davis/DCNYRE2016/Getty Images for dcp

Niall Horan And Liam Payne Are Back To Their Backstage Shenanigans

Dudes bein’ dudes

It's gonna be a big year for One Direction fans as their faves branch off on their own and launch their respective solo careers, and plenty of opportunities for quick one-on-one reunions are sure to abound.

They've already happened, too, as Niall Horan and Liam Payne — who have each played a bunch of one-off shows this summer to promote their respective singles — have been bumping into each other backstage in several states. First, they hugged it out in California a couple of weeks back, and now they're at it again with a quick goof-off in Indianapolis before WZPL's Birthday Bash in Indianapolis.

Those following Niall and Liam on Instagram probably saw them fitting the other into frame already via their Instagram stories, but if not, check the guys out above as they catch each other on their phones in a down moment in between their sets.

It's great to see the lads enjoying each other's company, so hopefully there'll be more of that as “Slow Hands” and “Strip That Down” to continue to stun crowds.