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Ansel Elgort’s New EDM Song Is All About ‘Pure Human Connection’

He flexes his vocal chops on ‘All I Think About Is You’

Last week, Coldplay dropped a new song called “All I Can Think About Is You” and Ansel Elgort got all nervous because, as he revealed on Twitter, his next single was titled “All I Think About Is You.” Now, that song has arrived, and we’re relieved to say the two tracks sound nothing alike, which is a good thing for all parties involved.

That’s largely due to Elgort’s singing, which Frank Ocean apparently told him is “amazing.” The actor/musician (remember, his side hustle is legit!) flexes those chops on the EDM tune, which is all about pining for someone who you can’t shake the memory of. “I know you don’t want to hear me at all / But I just can’t help myself / There’s no one else trapped in a cell / Because all I think about is you,” Elgort sings over a dance floor–ready beat.

Elgort said that “All I Think About Is You” is “inspired by a past memory. Society tells us happiness and success are directly correlated, and while that’s partly true, I’ve learned real happiness comes from pure human connection.”

The Baby Driver actor recently vowed to release “at least one single every month for the next year,” so expect plenty more Ansolo action soon.