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Haim Dance Like Your Parents In ‘Want You Back’ Music Video

They’d make excellent prom chaperones

Why did Haim cross the road in their new "Want You Back" music video? To turn it into a dance floor, apparently. They never make it to the other side, probably because they're too busy busting a move as if they were chaperoning a middle-school dance.

The sisters claim Ventura Boulevard as their own in the vid, grooving down the street like they own the whole damn city. It's one of Los Angeles's busiest roads, yet there's not a single car in sight. Talk about literally stopping traffic.

"Want You Back" is the lead single off Haim's sophomore album, Something to Tell You, coming out July 7. Perhaps to celebrate its release they could go dancing with Lorde. They all have a thing for dancing wildly in the streets, after all.