Dancing Machine: Tyler Created A Hip-Hop Ballet For His Promposal

Did his on-again, off-again girlfriend say yes?

A high school senior convinced his on-again, off-again girlfriend that she's truly his one and only -- and got her to accompany him to prom -- thanks to a high-stepping dance performance.

"I want a hip-hop ballet group to introduce the promposal," 18-year-old Tyler explained on tonight's episode of Promposal. "Then, out of nowhere, [me and my friends are] going to run up on stage and do a performance."

So where'd he get the idea? His crush -- aka 16-year-old Phoebe -- is a ballerina who just happens to have an affinity for urban beats. "She loves hip-hop, and I love hip-hop," Tyler said. "And putting my love [of hip-hop] and her love of dancing together -- that would be dope."

The only problem: Tyler and Phoebs were on the outs after gossip had circulated that Tyler was "talking to other girls." But once he quelled the rumors and exonerated himself, the Greenwich High School student was finally able to jump into his promposal head-first. And, after much planning and help from his friends, the event went off in grand style.

During a faux "senior meeting"/assembly, a teacher was interrupted by a flawless performance by hip-hop ballet company Beat Addikts. Then, dressed in silver motorcycle helmets and popping moves created by a choreographer called Ant Boogie, Tyler and his pals took to the mini-stage for their moment in the spotlight. As they finished and soaked in the applause, the man of the hour took to a mic and made the big ask: "Phoebe, will you go to prom with me?"

Her response? "Yes" -- along with a super-cute, "I'm shaking!"

The 16-year-old was still a little nervous on the big night -- "I have butterflies," she said -- but nonetheless managed to look resplendent in an off-the-shoulder, floor-length red gown. Tyler, meanwhile, rocked a black tux -- and revealed that he and his main girl were mirroring a couple of famous A-listers.

"My style inspiration was Michael B. Jordan, and Phoebe's style was Kendall Jenner," he said. "And I think we nailed it."

+ Do you think Tyler and Phoebe successfully channeled their inner Michael and Kendall? And were you impressed by Tyler's promposal? Tell us what you think, then catch another episode Monday at 11:30/10:30c.